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Value Added

Additional services to make your operations more efficient.

Email Marketing Templates

If you are looking to market a product to interested consumers, you will need your email to stand out. Using either personalized or customized email templates can help you get receipients interested enough to click and read what you have to say. This service increases personalization, saves time and takes email marketing campaigns to the next level.

SmartSale Cloud

Instead of purchasing and maintaining servers, you can simply access your data from anywhere through the cloud. This service enables you lower costs and most importantly, stay constantly connected to SmartSale and access all information and documents with ease whenever, wherever.

SmartSale Mobile App

SmartSale ERP is going mobile. Perform most of your SmartSale activities at the tap of the screen of your mobile phone. The prominent features of the app focuses on the “Integrated POS”, “Reports and Analytics”, “Client Registration”, “Stock Management” and “Multi-Branch Support”.

Google Forms Integration

Interactive Marketing Service is a upgrade of the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) feature. This service enables clients send large documentations such as reports, promotional flyers and so much more to management, staff even suppliers. This service comes with lots of benefits such as increasing call-to-action rate, boosting other communication channels as well as increasing customer engagement.
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