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Customer-Centric Solution for Your Ticketing & Events

In an era where new developments, products, technologies and services coming up, there is an ever increasing demand for event organizers to deliver something new and fresh always.

Having your events and strategies scattered across spreadsheets, word documents etc. may not be the way to go. With short lead times for organizing events there is a need to carve out the time to schedule and streamline event management process from planning right to execution that saves time, boosts productivity, with less hassle, better expectations and performances.

SmartSale ERP offers an integrated, cost effective solution for such businesses. It not only handles sales and inventory, but also offers customer-centric and user-friendly features and event management controls that bring success to your events.

With this you can:

You can track and manage registrations, schedules and floor plans.

A color coded booking calendar allows you to easily add venue bookings to each event, create vendor list and assign staff to roles. Easily create invoices and email to your customers. Our in-built reports and analytic tool allows you to monitor and assess various aspect of your operation such as customer reports and history, sales, expenses, purchase patterns etc., this helps your organization understand and grow your customer base.

Controlling unauthorized access to an event, understanding demographics, and building customer loyalty are some of the concerns of Event organizers. SmartSale’s managed access control feature, dynamic reporting and rewards and loyalty schemes provides what is needed to equip vendors with useful information to enable them better plan their operations. With just a reusable e-ticketing card, customers can easily purchase tickets for concerts, events and be verified before gaining access to venue. There are many benefits of using this ticketing scheme, some of these include:

More so, multiple branches can be easily managed using our CloudSync feature.

This allows you to view, manage and be informed of sales and other transactional activities occurring at your other branches from anywhere in the world. Our in built dashboard allows you to get real time information.

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