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Features of Smartsale ERP

Integrated Point of Sale

Grow your business with a personalized POS that accommodate the flexibilities that come along with retail business, optimize payment solutions, and manage your product and services.

Client Registration & Marketing

Customers are crucial to the success of your business. Tailor your business offerings to the needs of customers, providing a rich customer experience to your business

Manage Booking & Appointment

No more double bookings, and over checking. Track appointments, attendance, sessions and cancellations. Assign set hours and specific schedules for customers and staffers.

Stock Management

Avoid product overstock and outages! Automatically updates stock level, track location of items and goods from warehouse to store front.

Staff Management

Keep business service always on point. Maximize efficiency and improve productivity; assign services and tasks to staff, monitor and reward staff dedication

Reports & Analytics

Gain the upper hand and optimize marketing strategies with built-in analytics, track a analyze customer preference and purchasing behavior, intelligent report generating system all in real-time.

Packages & Promotion

Determine who gets a Discount! What goes on SALE! Cement loyalty with unique subscriptions that transform customer engagement.

Loyalty & Rewards

Beat the competition. Reward your customers and keep them coming back, brand gift cards and vouchers, group customers according to reward structure and packages based on your own scheme.

Emails & SMS Alerts

Keep your clients on the Go and up to date with automatic emails and TXT notifications on promos, sales, about new, rescheduled appointments, cancelled sessions and follow ups

Access Control With Time & Attendance

Determine who, has access to vital information, restrict access to unauthorized personnel. Keep tabs on movement in and out of your business

Multi User Access

Designed to support multiple concurrent users’ i.e. different staff members can simultaneously access information and key in to system at the same time.

Multi Branch Support

Do you have multiple locations? Don’t be in a rut! Be logged in at one location and connected to the rest of your business wherever they are. As a Cloud Solution, get real-time snap shot of all your branch activities.
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