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What is SmartSale ERP mobile app?

SmartSale ERP mobile app is an innovative user friendly and integrated mobile application that provides a simple and comprehensive interface for managing the complexities of a retail business. The application enables users manage business processes anywhere and at any time without limiting them to a single location. In addition, it helps business owners cut down the cost of buying the hardware infrastructure needed to set up a traditional POS system.

Which operating system does the mobile app support? You can install the SmartSale mobile application on any mobile device or tablet that runs on the android and iOS operating system.


With SmartSale mobile  POS, you can manage all branches of your business from a single device remotely. SmartSale mobile POS gives you the flexibility to view all transactions in all branches and not be bound to a specific location. Your sales representatives do not have to be confined to working behind a cash register as this can cause delays and queues at the checkout counters. The portability and wireless connectivity of smartphones and tablets eliminates the need to be physically present at the shop to keep an eye on sales.


 Imagine the possibility to being able to check stock levels at all branches of your business.  Now, imagine this capability in the palm of your hand. Avoid losses and be able to make real time decisions on your products from anywhere in the world. This is exactly the kind of freedom SmartSale Mobile POS solution can provide to your business.


The nightmare of any business owner is a frustrated customer. This is due to cumbersome check out processes which cause long queues. Cut down on the time it takes customers to check out and quickly get your customers through the purchasing process with ease. SmartSale mobile POS system features paperless options, so customers can opt for email or text receipts.


Get your POS system to do more than ring up sales. SmartSale mobile POS can track and manage inventory, send alerts when stock levels are low, and even automate reordering. All these features are right at your fingertips.


From its aesthetic design to the user-friendly interface, the SmarSale mobile POS solution is very intuitive and easy to use. In addition to making it easier for your staff to learn how to use it, they can process transactions quicker, checkout faster and increase the efficiency of your business.


Make informed and up to the minute business decisions with SmartSale mobile POS. It features built-in reports that include information on sales, personnel, and more. Based on your specification, the system generates detailed reports about your real-time sales. This data can be used to manage your inventory, take advantage of trends, or reduce spending when sales are slow.


One of the benefits of using mobile POS as opposed to traditional POS systems is the low set up costs and ease of implementation. Instead of installing brand-new hardware, you can simply download the app unto mobile devices you already have. SmartSale mobile POS is suitable for small businesses which cannot afford to splurge on more sophisticated hardware. You can install the SmartSale mobile application on any mobile device or tablet that runs on the Android and iOS platform.


Imagine the flexibility you can afford your customers with our split payment function. Your customers can make purchases using a variety of payment methods with SmartSale mobile POS, including cash, bank transfers, gift cards, debit/credit cards, and mobile money. Reports generated at the end of each day can be used to track all of these transactions.


Mobile integration refers to the process of connecting a desktop software application to mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets. One of the primary benefits of desktop software ERP and mobile POS integration is improved efficiency. By providing employees with access to data and processes on their mobile devices, they can work more efficiently and effectively. This means that they can stay connected and productive even when they are away from their desks.


You CAN easily access your data through the cloud from any location without having to buy and maintain servers. With the help of this cost saving service, you stay constantly linked to your branches, and have easy access to all of its data and documents from anywhere at any time using the internet.


Never miss a customer. Use SmartSale mobile POS system to collect valuable customer data such as contact information, purchase history, and product preferences. This information can be used to customize marketing and sales efforts, provide better customer service, and improve overall client management.

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