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Making Your Selling Process Easy and Efficient

Making Your Selling Process Easy and Efficient

  • How do you know the price of all your items (both wholesale and retail)?
  • How do you calculate the right change to give to customers?
  • How do you track customers paying on account?

Selling items to a customer is one of the easiest things to do, but it can also be challenging.

These and many more are things to consider when choosing a POS solution. Therefore, it is advisable to invest in a POS system, not any POS system, but one that gives you value for your investment. The Integrated POS feature of SmartSale ERP provides capabilities that address these and many other concerns.

Simple Selling

Our POS system speeds up the process of customer check-in and check-out. It has a database that helps take account of sold things and helps calculate required payments and balances.

Handle Layaways

In some cases, customers want to buy an item, but they do not have the necessary funds; our systems have a Layaway option where a customer can pay in bits till the full payment is made.

Switching Pricing Modes

Depending on the customer’s order, your shop might decide to sell items based on retail or wholesale prices. Our POS system allows you to set up both wholesale and retail prices for items.

Our Integrated POS feature helps keep simple things simple but efficient!


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