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How Our Integrated POS Can Take Your Business To The Next Level

How Our Integrated POS Can Take Your Business To The Next Level

Taking control of your business is very important; it sets the difference between those who succeed and those who fail. The most challenging factor is tracking your product while attaining customer satisfaction, in other words providing all possible options for your customers while ensuring accurate management.

SmartSale ERP comprises outstanding features that manage your product and provides your customers with diversity. Our Integrated POS feature explores exceptional capabilities and exciting solutions to you and your customers happiness.

What is an Integrated POS?

Integrated POS stands for Integrated Point of Sale. It simply means we got your business holistically sorted. Our POS can be personalized based on our client’s needs and accommodate the flexibilities that come along with retail trade, optimize payment solutions, and manage your product and services.

Split payment

When a customer doesn’t have enough cash and wants to pay the remaining balance electronically, our system allows split payment, meaning half can be paid by cash, and the rest can be via mobile money or credits cards.

Create a special request order

Imagine your favorite customer comes to your shop and requests a very scarce item. Our system allows for a special request option where those items are preorders for customers before stock arrival.

Credit SaleHave you been in a situation whereby one of your customers wants to buy an item but forgot their billfold? Our POS system allows an option for credit sale where the items are sold on credit, and all credited customer details are tracked.

How to apply discount

During special occasions such as Christmas, easter, or holidays your shop might want to discount items. Our system has a discount option, where discounts can be placed on items.

These are just a few fantastic capabilities of our Integrated POS; with SmartSale ERP, we make sure we provide the accurate solution to take your business to the next level.


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