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Membership management is a crucial feature of our solution.

Track and monitor your customers as they clock in and out of your premises. With SmartSale POS, you can setup door access controls throughout your facility to ensure that only authorized individuals are able to access the facility. This can help track customer attendance and prevent theft or vandalism.

Membership on-boarding and renewals are tireless and fast to ensure members keep coming back. Manage customer loyalty programs and reward loyal customers with discounts, freebies or other incentives.

Customize membership subscription packages:

With SmartSales POS, you can set up various subscriptions or membership plans with unique pricing and billing frequency. For example, you could offer a basic membership package that includes access to your gym’s equipment and facilities, and a premium package that includes additional perks such as personal training sessions or access to exclusive classes.

Split & Partial Payments

Payments are an essential feature when committing to any POS solution. Therefore, automated billing and payment processing are key to the success of your business.  Provide your members with the flexibility of making payments using a combination of various payment methods. SmartSale POS also allows your customers to pay with a combination of cash, bank cards, cheques, and mobile money in a single transaction. This helps to improve the overall customer experience of   your members.

Inventory Management:

Manage the count and keep track of your gym equipment and other stock levels using SmartSale POS. The automated reordering function ensures that your inventory levels are always optimal.

Efficient Staff Management.

Great employees are hard to find and harder to retain. It is important for the success of any organization to have loyal employees.

SmartSale POS allows you to manage:

Staff schedules and track working hours.

  • The payroll of employees.
  • Performance reviews of employees.
  • Attendance tracker and time-off requests
  • Employee retention programs.

Insights, Analysis and Reporting in real-time:

Stay in touch with your business with real-time reporting, analysis, and insights. These reports are a powerful tool that you can use to make better business decisions. SmartSale POS generates reports which will tell you members who are fully engaged and members who might be in danger of leaving. Insightful metrics show where you need to make improvements and what you need to focus on. By using reporting, you can target key revenue drivers and make informed decisions.

In addition, the SmartSale POS can calculate and generate reports on the taxes you need to pay over a specific period. This can help you stay compliant with tax regulations and avoid any penalties or fines.

Constant Communication: The Sales Booster Feature

Integrated into the SmartSale POS is a text and e-mail marketing feature that keeps your members informed. Use this feature to send special invitations to select members, advertise promotions, send birthday messages, holiday greetings and keep members in the loop on all events.

This can vastly increase member retention in your facility and promote your business to wider audiences.

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