In search for software that specializes in supporting the daily operations of your business, what do you look out for? Do you look at the function, size of your warehouse, cost or its simplicity? The frustration many managers go through; losing stock, redundant processes, inefficiencies in tasks eventually leading to dissatisfied customers. Getting the right solution is essential for the success of your business

SmartSale ERP comprises of fully integrated modules that allows you to run a centralized system where every task or routine can be viewed, tracked, monitored and assessed. Know where stock is, when it's required, and what to do to move it correctly in the shortest time. Helping to ensure that stock touches your warehouse for the minimum time possible, and that each person within the information sequence is instructed and informed immediately.

Point of Sale is one of the most necessary tools in a smooth running of any retail business, and with SmartSale POS system, this allows you add new items in stock with their prices, quantity and pictures to your point-of-sale as well as specify whether it should appear in the POS terminal of your system. Modules for accurate recording of deliveries and resulting payments, providing accuracy which helps avoid emergency orders knowing exactly where every product is, knowing when to re-order, and how much to re-order or produce.

SmartSale POS system ultimately allows for efficient batch tracking and management, gives you the facility to accept payment from customers for your products and services moreover has three POS Kits to meet your needs. These kits include credit card readers, barcode scanners, receipt printers and other hardware; these in turn allow for categorization of stock and give you the ability to create new departments.

With a high level of flexibility in operation and powerful reporting and enquiry capabilities that generate predictive and concise information. SmartSale gives you real-time reports on what percentage of your warehouse is utilized? Should you expand, or find a smaller space? How many transactions is each employee doing per hour? The added advantage to our system analytic tools is the ability to look at data in whole new and exciting ways.

SmartSale ERP is a dynamic warehouse software solution that provides an added leverage of being able to export data to third party applications i.e. ERP software, sales order processing, purchasing and financial accounting for further understanding and enhanced analysis.

Awesome Features of SmartSale

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