Retail Shops

SmartSale ERP provides the best solution for retail shops and is designed to accommodate the flexibilities that are coupled with retail store operations. With retail stores, whether a large retail shop with high volume inventory and transactions or just a single store front even start-ups, SmartSale has everything you need for your business to grow.

SmartSale makes selling fast, easy and friendly to your customers with our Intelligent POS system; it allows for easy, contonous check-outs by enabling cashiers to ring up any item quickly to avoid keeping customers waiting. Most customers are limited to how they can shop or place orders for the reason that of the effects on retail store operations however SmartSale allows for various tasks to be performed on store products or orders such as layaways, easy returns, refunds, retrieve sales, generate invoices and split payments. Choose the best way to accept payments that works for you and your customer, either cash, credit cards or personalized gift cards.

Be in control of your inventory as a manger at all counts. Track your products with ease, balance and transfer inventory, avoid product loss and petty theft. Add, edit and remove products, including adding images, descriptions and taxes. Never have too much or too little on shelf; manage stock levels, adjusts stock levels and restock within time.

SmartSale provides memorable customer experiences that keep customers coming back through targeted promotions and loyalty reward schemes. Always stay connected to your customers through SmartSale sms & email features that allow you to update and notify customers whenever without stress. Easily create customer groups, grow your customer base and manage from a central location.

Track and have real-time insights into your business operations and see how your store is performing; daily sales report, inventory reports and a wide range of analytical tools to use to make smarter and profitable decisions. Know which items are best selling or worst, set goals and targets for staff and measure performance on a specified basis.

SmartSale intelligent system running provides the technological leverage which allows integration with barcode scanners, digital receipt printers as well as card readers. SmartSale has got you covered if you have more than one store. Manage all your stores and outlets without a glitch, whether you adding a new store or warehouse, get an instant view of how all your outlets are performing. Grow smartly and effortlessly with SmartSale. Managing your store has never been easier with SmartSale.

Awesome Features of SmartSale

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