Gyms & Aerobic Centers

Managing a gym can be costly, time consuming and overall complicated. Providing an environment for your clients to de-stress, be in shape and in control of their body can be daunting. This means knowing what your clients want whiles you manage your staff, gym and maintain profit. It is possible to manage all aspects of your fitness business from one easy to use system.

SmartSale ERP is the ideal solution for all business operations as a gym, fitness and aerobics studio; it is designed to make it easy to maintain detailed records of your members and their memberships, book classes and training, process and track sales, and communicate to members at the ideal time. SmartSale offers you;


  • Color coded booking interface for studio sessions and classes
  • Fast and quick searches for available dates, sessions and trainers
  • Easily track classes and studio sessions
  • Keep regular contact with your customers via emails and text messages
  • Easily keep track of your sales, running expenses and profits


With our Biometric or Smartcards system modules, SmartSale provides access control solutions for gyms and fitness centers. This allows for defining a limitless number of access rules so you can completely customize the way your members access your facility. Spend less time managing memberships and subscriptions and extra time focus on other aspects of gym. There are many benefits of using 24/7 access control system, some of these include:


  • Automated check-in process
  • Clients can personalize work out time and schedule
  • Reduce overhead costs
  • Increase membership retention
  • Minimize the hassle of unauthorized persons


Take control of your business today with SmartSale ERP. With our CloudSync feature, multiple branches can be easily managed. This feature allows you to view, manage and be informed of sales and other transactional activities occurring at your other branches from anywhere in the world. Our in built dashboard allows you to get real time information.

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Awesome Features of SmartSale

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